Shreveport, Louisiana Boudoir Photographer | Mariah's Boudoir Session

Empowering women is something I am passionate about. I hear women always say, “I wish I had her body." The truth is we may think she is perfect but she could have underlying insecurities like the rest of us. I mean no one is perfect but we are all perfect in our own way. I even see it all the time on social media. This generation has a mindset that women need to be a size 1. I strive to prove women are so much more than a specific size. They deserve to feel sexy in their own skin with their own flaws. Even if you are 100% confident in your own skin, boudoir photography is still for you. It allows women to step out of their comfort zone. You may be a nervous wreck, you may put if off 100 times, or even think you can’t be sexy. Let me tell you one thing.. When you leave my studio, you will feel like you can do anything. I encourage you to see the beauty on the inside and outside. Remember, it’s not how you come in but how you leave that matters.

How many times have you wanted to do a session? How many times have you said you can’t do it? How many times have you wanted to reach out but didn’t? There is nothing to be scared of. I will walk you through the whole process. It’s your time to SHINE. <3


If you are interested in a boudoir session, please email me for a free consultation!

I do not alter your body in any way or shape of form. Boudoir photographers have to be passionate, educated, and skilled. I have years of experience with all different women. Posing is very specific for boudoir photography. I look at every detail carefully before I even begin snapping the photograph.

Why should you book a boudoir session?

A boudoir session empowers women in ways nothing else can. It allows you to feel sexy and beautiful at the same time. You get to see yourself in a way you may never have. Beauty comes in all sizes. I know that is cliche to say but I am being serious. Every woman that thinks about doing a boudoir session usually has second thoughts because it is out of their comfort zone. However, once they view their photographs they have a whole different aspect. I promise to help you feel more relaxed during your whole session.


Why you should book with Kristina Banks Photography?

You get the full luxury experience with Kristina Banks Photography. We did not want your boudoir session to be just a photography session. We want you to be able to come relax and enjoy your day of pampering. You will start with a message by our masseuse. After your message, you will get your makeup and hair done by out MUA. All while enjoying light refreshments and beverages. The most exciting part is a few weeks after your session, you will be able to come back and view your photographs for the first time. You will be the first person to view your photographs. I want my clients to be able to realize how beautiful they are in their own way. FLAWS AND ALL.

What products do you offer?

I offer a variety of heirlooms you will be able to view at my studio. Customized designed albums is my most popular product for boudoir session. They come with a corresponding folio box. We will sit down and design your beautiful album together. I also offer folio boxes with matted prints of different sizes. If you would like to set up a consultation, I would love to chat!