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When you finally decide to book a photographer, they should fit your needs. Photographers have different personalities, editing styles, approaches, and much more. You should want to connect with your photographer’s style and personality on a deeper level. Those are the two most important aspects of being able to enjoy your experience. Ask questions and get to know your photographer because I promise they won’t mind. If you want this to be one of the best investments of your life, then you have to communicate. You will never be able to get these memories back. Tell your photographer what you would love to see from your experience. However, do not try to price match them with someone else. Every photographer has a different price. We determine our prices based cost of doing business and experience. Therefore, all of us vary on what we charge and why. If you are not interested in a specific photographer then just say so. It is much better than just leaving them hanging. I promise we all understand there will be some people we do not connect with. I am insured and licensed. I have a fully stocked studio with a variety of props that have to stay up to date. You have to decide if this is a priority for your family or not. Photography is a luxury because you don’t need it to live. I offer three different packages to accommodate my client’s needs. You want to ensure your photographer is equipped to properly handle your little bundle of joy. That includes experience with newborns while knowing newborn safety. It is always best to book early because it gives you a longer period to pay while not being stressed. I know how stressful it can be to prepare for a session. I love taking the stress off my clients as much as I can. I am not a photographer who will just send you my prices, do the session, and then give you an online gallery. I strive to give you a luxury start to finish experience. I want to get to know you before you even begin the booking process. It may be at my studio, over messages, or even on the phone.