Shreveport, Louisiana Birth Photographer | Emily's Birth Story



7lbs 8oz and 20 inches.

September 5, 2019


Emily went in to be induced September 4th at 10:30 P.M. She was nervous but beyond ready to meet her sweet baby boy. It had been 40 long weeks. She felt like the end of her pregnancy was dragging. Her pitocin started and her water was broken at 7:35 in the morning! I waited patiently for the call. She was progressing slower but she was staying strong the entire time. She even updated me every two hours on the dot. I couldn’t wait to capture this beautiful birth. She stayed hopeful while she waited. She went from 1 to 2…3..4…5. All of a sudden, it stopped. I went in at 5:00 to wait for the arrival of River. We were all excited while patiently waiting! I could see the excitement on her mother’s face. She couldn’t wait to meet her precious grandson. Her bestfriend was there to support her as well. How amazing is that? Being surrounded by the people you love. At 6:00, her doctor came in to see how far she was. She was at a 5 but went back to a 4. Some were confused but the doctor explained her contractions might have been stronger. Turns out, that was true. She was contracting 2-3 minutes apart sometimes but then 5-6 other times. Her doctor began to discuss the option of a c-section. River was doing his best to come but she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make it out. Everyone guessed his weight right after. We all said 8 something expecting him to be bigger. Her doctor continued to joke as she tried to make light of the situation. I loved how she wanted to make Emily feel more comfortable. She said, “I have no plans and I’m ready when you are.” Emily sat in the bed with panic written all over her face. I could see it. I could feel it. This wasn’t what she expected or planned for. She had been waiting all day to meet her precious bundle of joy. She finally came to the discussion that a c-section would be best. The anxious feeling of meeting your child is something no one can explain. C-section was scheduled a hour later. We all suited up in the cute caps and long gowns. Emily laid in the OR. She was grinding her teeth through the tugging and pulling. She has no problem telling the anesthesiologist when she was uncomfortable. River made his entrance at 7:38 P.M. He whined but overall, he was just a calm baby. I think he was ready to meet his loving parents. He barely even made a sound when they were cleaning him off. He smirked when his dad finally got to hold him. Emily was getting situated and ready to go back in her room. All she could think about was finally holding her baby boy. She said, “I am holding him as soon as I get back.” Ha! I knew after a long hard day, every second was worth it. We quickly noticed the red bump on the back of his head. He definitely tried his best to come out. Emily’s best friend had a MT Dew ready for her whenever she could have it. Such an awesome best friend. I also loved how they had matching shirts for the birth. That is something so sentimental. Everyone was waiting in her room for when River came back. Tears were falling, smiles got bigger, and love grew stronger that day! Congratulations on your precious baby boy!