Shreveport, Louisiana Photographer | Luke's Cake Smash Session


How precious is the cake smash session? This may be my favorite set up so far. I can not believe Luke is almost THE BIG ONE! I have watched him grow since he was a newborn. They always say you never know how fast they grow until you have your own. When my clients book their cake smash session, I always say, “is it that time already?” They seriously only stay little for a little while. Treasure every moment you can, while you can!

Ashley and her family have a special place in my heart. They have been a true blessing in my life. I absolutely cherish the connection I have with her and her family. They appreciate, value, and notice all my hard work. It makes my job so much easier knowing I have some of the BEST clients in the WORLD. I promise I am not just being biased. LOL. Ashley and David trust me with their sweetest moments in life. I am honored they have chosen me to capture every milestone they have. I love seeing them as much as I can. It is nothing but laughter, deep conversation, and adventure. Their three boys are the BEST! Logan and Lance know exactly what to do at their sessions. Laugh and goof around of course with a little seriousness. LOL. I have done their photography sessions for almost a year. Fresh 48 photography session to one year photography session. I can’t wait to see them for their Christmas session. <3

I can cry if I want to. It is almost my BIRTHDAY. &lt;3

I can cry if I want to. It is almost my BIRTHDAY. <3

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