Shreveport, Louisiana Newborn Photographer | Madeline's Newborn Session


I was thrilled when Jonna contacted me for maternity and newborn. She is a nurse and I loved to hear her story because we went to the same school before I dropped out. We kicked it off immediately when she came to try on dresses. I was so excited for her pregnancy because she went through a lot. I love being able to connect and hear my clients stories. Her sons were an absolute blast at the session. Their personalities shined and the memories will be cherished forever. I even got a couple of them holding hands. I love when children can play while capturing the little details. Charlie on the other hand said I had a limit for 19 minutes and even though it took 24, we knocked it out in time for his game. Charlie definitely had all the jokes but little did he know, I would throw them back. Jonna used to say sorry when he would say something but now we are more open. It cracks me up when he gives me a time limit on something. Madeline is so precious. She has so much hair and beautiful eyes. She was awake for most of her session so I loved the beautiful awake shots. I can not wait to continue to capture this family. They are so sweet and supportive. Thank you again for protecting Charlie. You are stuck with me. <3

They only stay little for a short time. You will never regret capturing them in their littlest state. Those small fingers, lips, and smiles. <3

Thank you for choosing me.

View the investment tab for more information on newborn sessions.It is best to book when you are in your second trimester. <3