When will the newborn session take place?

Newborn sessions take place W-F at 9:00. Please schedule your day accordingly. Sometimes this means hubby might have to take off or come on lunch for family photographs. School aged children may also have to be checked out of school to participate.

What is required for the age of the baby? Is it too late to schedule a newborn session? 

4–20 days is preferred due to posing positions. This is the time where the baby is the most flexible. It is never to late to schedule a newborn session. However, we may not be able to do specific poses. Please contact me and I will try my best to schedule you in. It is best to schedule your newborn session while you are in your second trimester. 

What will be the temperature of the room?

 80–85 degrees. I always say, "if  I am not sweating, the baby is cold." Half of the poses I do are of the baby without clothes on, so I have to ensure the temperature is perfect.

What about circumcision?

 We will schedule at least five days after procedure. 

How long will  the newborn session last? 

There is no way to determine how long a newborn session will take. It all depends on the baby but approximately two-four hours. So please schedule your day accordingly.

What to dress the baby in?

Nothing over the head; zip-up or snap-up onesie/sleeper,

Bring a pacifier. ESSENTIAL! The “soothie” pacifiers are best for newborns. Make sure the baby has on a loose diaper to prevent diaper lines for photographs. 

What do I wear if I am in the photographs?

Clothing for parents and siblings; Simple, solid colors; avoid logos. I recommend grey, tan, white, or black solid shirts. Family shots are more of a head shot than full body. You can wear any pants that are comfortable. Be sure to bring an extra pair of clothes in case.

Do I need to bring anything?

I provide everything. Props, outfits, wraps, and tiebacks. If you would like to bring anything sentimental for the photographs, please limit it to 3 items.

Are sibling/family shots included?

I definitely encourage siblings and spouses to join. Sibling/family shots are offered in certain packages! Due to space and noise, we have to have it quiet in my studio. I recommend having someone watch sibling/siblings during the first part of the newborn session if able to do so. They can bring them over for the second half, where we will get adorable sibling photographs, as well as family. If you are unable to do so, no worries we have toys and refreshments at the studio.

What about feeding?

Please feed baby 30 minutes before you arrive to the studio to ensure he/she will be extra sleepy. If you live more than a hour away, please feed baby once you arrive to my studio. Also, make sure the baby stays awake two hours before arriving to my studio. A bath is very helpful to keep the baby awake. We will have plenty of breaks in between to change/feed the baby. Don't worry, they all pee and poop. Don't be embarrassed!

Can I recommend any specific poses?

Definitely! I have a specific workflow so I always get specific poses like floor drop poses, faux fur, and wrapped. Some poses depend on baby and how they are feeling. Due to safety reasons, I will try not but guarantee specific poses. I like to do what the baby likes and not force any poses. Some babies just do not like specific poses. That is what makes a newborn session unique. I send over a questionnaire for your session to see what is important to you.



It’s helpful if the parents can interact with the baby before arriving for their session. This will help the baby sleep later while in the studio. Although capturing the baby during awake times is ideal as well, I prefer to have them asleep during the first part of the session.

To get curly poses, you need to have a sleepy baby, not an awake baby. Although I always strive to capture some of the darling awake shots, it’s difficult to pose the baby in certain poses while the newborn is awake. My goal is to keep the baby warm, comfortable, asleep, and happy.



  • Copyright. All clients receive copyright information at the outset. The form states that I retain the copyright to all images captured through my home on location. It is illegal to scan, copy, or reproduce the images in any way or manner. This includes copying images from my blog, Facebook, website, or any other form of social media. Fines start at $150,000 as part of the copyright law.