When is best to book a boudoir session?

It is best to book two months prior to any special occasion. Keep in mind I do book 2-3 months in advance due to my other sessions. Makeup is not offered on weekdays. If you are interested in the sugar package, those usually take place during the week day.

What time are boudoir sessions? Do I come early for makeup and hair?

 Boudoir sessions begin at 11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week, they begin at 9:00. If you purchase hair and makeup I prepay my artist so even if you change your mind, you will still be obligated to pay your remaining balance including hair and makeup. It is not required to arrive early.

Can I get makeup during the weekday?


Can I give ideas for my makeup and hair?

 Mini sessions are limited so my artist does basic natural makeup and a simple curl or straight hair look. Full sessions may recommend more dramatic or anything more specific. If you are unsatisfied which we hope you are not, please tell her asap! She will try her very best to fix whatever you do no like. However, if you get your photographs back and then decide you did not like it, I am sorry but there is not much I can do.

What about spray tans?

I personally do not recommend spray tans just because of the orange tones. Since I edit darker typically, you may seem more orange than normal. I can also help your fair complexion better without a spray tan. Sometimes that will make the bottom of your feet appear dirty too. If you get a spray tan, please get it three days prior to your session.

What about tan lines?

I help reduce strong tan lines. However, I think tan lines are HAWWWTTT. Embrace it.

Lashes are included right?

Yes. Lashes are always included unless you prefer your own specific brand.

What do I come in?

Anything comfortable and you will be able to change in the bathroom.

Should I get my nails and toes done?

I HIGHLY recommend getting your nails and toes done before your session. It helps your confidence and shows best in photographs for close up shots. However, if you do not want to, please have your nails and toes clean of any previous polish.

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring your foundation for makeup and heels or any sentimental items you would like to incorporate. My makeup artist is working on her foundation collection as we speak. Other than that, everything else is provided. Even snacks and drinks. ;)

Can I recommend any specific poses?

Definitely! I have a specific workflow so I always get specific poses first then take any requests at the end.

Do you provide lingerie?

I do not provide lingerie because I do not think it is sanitary. I personally can not offer something I am not motivated by.

What is your most popular lingerie choices?

Body suits are definitely my most popular. As well as cute lingerie rompers. However, I love all pieces. Big sweaters and button down shirts are also popular

Any colors you recommend?

I am a black, maroon, dark purple kind of woman. It all depends on your complexion. I have seen all kind of women rock so many it is hard to decide.

How do you deal with the nerves?

I promise it is so much fun you will not even realize it’s a session. I will guide you through the entire process! I can also bring mimosas if you are over 18 to help relax you. Just let me know prior.

Do you work with thicker women a lot?

Actually, 75% of my women are plus sized. I have worked with sizes 00-26 currently. I pose you based on your body type and specific workflow. I promise I can talk you through it. I HIGHLY recommend a full session for more posing options!

Any prior advice?

Stretch before because it is not as easy as it looks. You will be sore the next day. Do not worry, I will show you each pose and how to do it properly. I am here to show you how beautiful you are.

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