Personal Mentoring (Nonrefundable Retainer)

Personal Mentoring (Nonrefundable Retainer)


PLEASE READ! Full amount is $800. The $400 is the nonrefundable retainer that will be deducted from the total price. Pay in full to receive $100 off. Personal mentoring is the perfect way to connect with other photographers. Most people are visual learners so I will be able to show you exactly what to do based on your experience level. We will also have a model to practice with. This is full day coverage so please keep in mind it will take 3-4 hours. I will show you my basic tips and tricks to running a business. You will need a DSRL camera, laptop, and know how to work manual. It is okay if you do not know manual but please read your manual book beforehand. I highly recommend a full frame but a crop sensor will work. Bring something to take notes with because I will be sharing a lot of information I learned over six years.

This is how it will break down:

Camera settings




How to start your business

Business strategy

Customer service


Tax information

Basic photoshop

**You will also receive my action sets at no additional charge

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