Moody PS Actions

Moody PS Actions


Are you a photographer and looking for an easier and much faster editing process? These actions are for you.

I have spent several months critiquing and perfecting my actions to fit different styles of editing. I have also put two years worth of learning into these actions. I know how hard learning photoshop can be. You will be able to speed up your editing process and also tweak the actions to what fits you best. 

There are a total of 30 actions! Including base, matte, b/w, add ons, and retouch actions. 

The actions with a black layer require you to paint it on yourself with the opacity that fits you best.

Some actions flatten the photographs and you may undo it by clicking edit and undo flatten image.

You open the zip file and copy into downloads. Open Photoshop and then click the folder to upload them.

Try them out and let me know. Please email before and after photographs to I would love to feature you on my website.

All actions will be in a zip folder to prevent copyright.


****Please note that anyone who is planning to sell actions or teach within 50 miles of Shreveport is prohibited to buy Kristina Banks Photography actions. 

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